Snowbirds To Perform Over Niagara Falls On May 29


The sky will be filled with Snowbirds later this month.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds will be performing its air show over Niagara Falls May 29, according to St. Catherines Standard newspaper. The team will put on a 25-minute aerial display .

“The Snowbirds’ theme for 2013 is The Pursuit of Excellence, marking two milestones: The outfit’s 70th anniversary since its founding as a Bomber Squadron during World War II, and the 50th anniversary of flying its CT-114 Tutor aircrafts.”

The Canadian Snowbirds Demonstration Team will bring its non-aerobatic air show over Niagara Falls May 29 at 6 p.m.. The team is comprised of pilots from the Canadian Forces, demonstrating feats of aviation fancy during a 25-minute aerial display.

The team’s name was chosen in 1971 to reflect the plane’s mostly white appearance, and the team was officially designated as the Canadian Forces Demonstration team in 1975. The team’s home base is in Moose Jaw, Sask.

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